Beadsprites are all handmade. I place each bead individually and then iron them together. 

Items measure approx:
Queen of Hearts-3" x 4.25

Ursula - 4.75" x 4"

Maleficent- 2.25" x 4"

Lady Tremaine- 1.75"x 4"
Mother Gothel- 2.25" x 3.75"

Cruella Deville- 2.75" x 3.75"
Evil Queen- 2.5" x 4"

Disney Villains-Queen of Hearts, Ursula, Maleficent, Lady Tremaine, Mother Gothe

  • Items are handmade are meant to be displayed. Not recommended to bend the item or store in a hot place such as a car. 

  • Once an order is received, please allow me 3-7 business days to complete the order and then I'll ship your item in a bubble mailer by First Class Mail (3-5 business days). 

Request a custom order?

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Songbird Pixel Art

By: Lisa Cossentino

Saginaw, TX

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