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About Songbird

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Songbird Pixel Art was created by Lisa Cossentino. She is a classically trained singer and artist. While pursuing her Masters of Music from Loyola University New Orleans, she began her art business. In 2013, she began crafting perler bead designs, but her love of pixel art has expanded her abilities to create her own fanart designs. This lead to her producing and selling  prints, coasters, keychains, and more.


In 2020, she began recording music videos, reigniting her passion for singing. She enjoys singing covers of songs from Disney, Anime, and other fandoms.


In 2022, she was commissioned for her first variant comic book cover, “Booshie Boo Mysteries” Issue 2. She also completed another variant cover for "Psycho Sal," Issue2.

In 2023, she completed a variant cover for Issue 1 of "Adventures of Gabe's Cave." She plans to pursue more cover work. 


She enjoys conventions, meeting fellow artists and fans. She resides in the Fort Worth, TX area and spends her free time with her husband Keith, and two dogs Mocha and Fiona.

Check out Lisa's latest convention appearances!

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